Gear Guide: Best Ski Goggles 2018

If you’ve been waiting to book a ski trip this year to see how the snow is, you’re in luck. Utah and Montana started the season strong and things started looking up in Colorado since January. The forecast looks great for a late season, so don’t wait. Go ahead and book your favorite mountain for Spring Break.

Ski trips usually mean new gear. Even if you aren’t a regular skier, it is still important to get the best equipment possible. This is for your safety and so you have the best time down the slopes ever!

Those of us who ski at Best in Bunch made a list of our favorite ski goggles. We narrowed the list to our top five.

Dragon Alliance NFX Snow Goggles

The Dragon Alliance NFX snow goggles with frameless design give skiers the maximum amount of vision possible. You don’t lose any peripheral vision, making these also great for snowboarders. The lenses are interchangeable done quickly on the lift, so ski all day no matter the conditions. The triple layer foam and larger size that accommodates helmets equal a comfortable all-day fit. The lenses offer 100% protection from UV rays and are coated with a Super Anti-Fog lens coating. Price: $89.99

Smith Optics I/OX Goggles

The Smith Optics I/OX ski goggles have so many technological advances, that the extra money you spend on them is totally worth it. The Porex filter and anti-fog make the lenses crystal clear. The ChromaPop makes switching lenses super easy and fast, especially when conditions on the mountain are changing rapidly. They fit extremely comfortably with a helmet and over eyeglasses. The Driwix foam keeps sweat away. They come with lenses for bright and low lighting. These works perfectly for skiers, snowboarders and snowmobiling. Price: $200

Oakley Flight Deck Prizm

A top contender for winning “Best in Bunch,” the Oakley goggles come in a very close second. Due do the revolutionary Prizm lenses and High Definition Optics® (HDO®), the Flight Deck have incredible contrast and visibility, plus no loss of peripheral vision. They are really good at glare reduction. The design was inspired by the goggles that fighter pilots wear. They fit over most eyeglasses. Our only compliant is that they are quite big and may not fit correctly with your helmet. Price: $210

Anon M3 MFI

These framed lenses are the best at staying fog-free, especially when worn with the included facemask. The lenses are tough and provide a close fit. These aren’t as oversized as the rest on the list. The fleece foam keeps them comfortable all day. They will fit over prescription eyeglasses and accommodate most helmets. Anon puts a lot of innovation in their lenses to retain their clarity and the price reflects that. Though, not our absolute favorites, they are still very much worth their price. Price: $219.99

Electric Visual EG3.5 Snow Goggles

Our favorite thing about the Electric EG3.5 is the mold injected spherical lenses that are curved both horizontally and vertically, offering an unobstructed field of vision. Like all the goggles on this list, they offer anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection. They fit tightly sealed around your face to keep out snow, but have a good ventilation system, so they don’t fog up. They are made fit smaller faces, which makes them not so compatible with helmets. Price: $220

Any of these ski goggles will suit your ski adventure well and serve you for many years. If it’s time to upgrade, replace, or if you are buying ski gear for the very first time, we highly recommend any of these on this list.

Do you ski? If so, what goggles are your favorite? We’d love to try them! Tell us in the comment section.

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