Fido’s Free Guide to Dog Harnesses

Do you worry about your pet’s safety when you take them out? Or maybe you have an energetic dog and want a little bit more control? Simple collars and leashes may not be enough for your dog, so investing in a harness may be the next step.

Harnesses not only aid with safety and control but make for a more comfortable experience for your dog. They eliminate the negatives of collars and leashes such as neck and trachea injuries, frequent tangles, and choking. A couple of things to take into consideration are the size of your dog and what your common uses will be like training or riding in the car.

Consider your dog’s weight and their measurements in the chest. A harness is perfect for training purposes because it allows for a smoother process due to the control it provides. Plus, your dog will learn to associate the harness with going out and having fun with you, so they likely won’t mind wearing one. If you love taking your dog for a drive, harnesses offer an easy way of buckling them safely to your car.

There are some great harness options out there, but these are the best we could find and with the last choice being our favorite.

Didog Padded Dog Vest Harness

Price: $13.99

The Didog harness provides a minimalist design with a few unique features. They have a 100% satisfaction refund policy, but it doesn’t mention if there is an expiration date that goes along with it. It has a reflective lining that keeps your dog safer at nighttime. It’s lightweight and works on a one buckle system. However, the harness sizing is inconsistent and don’t always necessarily meet the measurements of the dog, so you might have to end up using that satisfaction guarantee.

Vgogfly Dog Harness

Price: $10.99

We like the Vgogfly harness because it comes in at the lowest price point of $10.99. There is a two-year replacement warranty if it breaks. It also has great ventilation due to a mesh material, keeping your dog cool on a hot day. It’s machine washable, which is nice because we know your dog is going to get it smelly. Here comes the bad news, it doesn’t have a secure buckle and relies on adjustable straps instead. Some aren’t crazy about it, claiming they loosen on their own. This defeats the purpose of the harness and can end up choking your dog because it’s loose.

Lifepul TM No Pull Dog Vest Harness

Price: $15.99

The Lifepul harness boasts one of the most cushioned experiences for your dog. It has high-quality nylon and thick padding, with nickel-plated hardware. All that cushion comes at a cost and is the bulkiest harness on the list and is likely to be the hottest for your dog to wear. It is simple to take on and off because of the adjustable locks. Plus, if you also purchase a Lifepul Dogs Hand Free Leash they will discount $1.99 off the harness.

Head Tilt Adjustable Padded Dog Harness

Price: $13.97

The Head Tilt no-pull harness is our favorite because of its unique design. It is the only harness that has a strap going up the chest, which guarantees the best control and comfort for your dog. It has secure buckles that always stay in place unlike the Vgogfly harness above. The straps are fully padded and made of a polyester blend that are durable but soft to the touch. There is plenty of cushioning and less bulk than the Lifepul harness. It also has reflective stitching just like the Didog harness, which allows your dog to be more visible at night. The Head Tilt harness is the most well-rounded dog harness on the market, assuring you and your dog won’t be barking up the wrong tree.

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