2020 Camping

The summer of 2020 has arrived, and people all across the USA are preparing to camp – and for good reason. Camping is extremely healthy. In these troubling times, switching off technology and enjoying quality family time is vital. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as learning some survival skills. And of course, camping and national park fees go towards environmental conservation. When you’re finished camping, you’ll have plenty of photos and videos to remember your outdoors excursion. For these reasons and more, going camping is a win-win proposition, and here at BestinBunch, we have some products to enhance your outdoors experience.

First and foremost, you’ll need a tent. This 4-person tent fits the bill and the budget. $129.97

Next, we recommend a large, durable sleeping bag. $59.97

Do you plan on hiking? Try out this $119.97 backpack and $10.48 walking staff.

A multitool in the woods is invaluable. The knife can cut fishing wire, or help skin a deer; the serrated edge could cut a strong rope; the other tools could fulfill a variety of unexpected needs.  Check out this multitool for $14.97

Despite all the benefits of camping, you should also be aware of the dangers of camping. Falling off a cliff, getting flattened by an old, collapsing tree; or attacked by wild animals, drowning, lost, dehydration and starvation are all distinct possibilities. To prepare for the worst, make sure you choose the best portable medical care than money can buy. This First Aid Kit is only $34.97

If you’re going to be in the woods at night, you’ll need a flashlight! Trust this one to illuminate the darkness. Only $29.97

For emergencies, you’ll need some distinct items. This emergency kit has a fishing line, two hooks, two floats, two swivels, two weights, an alcohol pad, a fire starter, knife blade, tin foil, tinder and seven feet of paracord for a mere $9.97

A human can survive up to 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. Grab a $179.97 Hand Pump water purifier to ensure you don’t go thirsty!

When you go camping this summer, make sure you’re ready. Before you head off into the unknown, consult a park ranger and get a map of the area. Tell people where you’re going, and if possible, bring along someone who has camped the area before. Never underestimate the power of nature – the great wilderness of our national parks offer wondrous beauty and unexpected lethality. At BestinBunch, we want our customers to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, and most importantly, survive the experience to do it again next year!