Top 5 Affordable Digital Night Vision Scopes Under $800

Night Vision technology is ~100 years old, and it just keeps getting better. Technology is improving, costs are dropping and users are becoming savvy, discerning and skeptical about the ways they invest their money. Night vision’s great advantage over thermal imaging is the cost—thermal is often used by professional, frequent hunters who maintain extensive acreage. Night vision is more suited to casual hunters, who go out a few evenings per month to help keep their refrigerators stocked. For middle-of-the-road types, there are digital day/night scopes and optics, which provide all of the benefits of night vision, but also provide clear images during daylight hours! Digital night vision processes and converts the image you see to an electric signal. This signal is sent through a charged device image sensor. These image sensors are standard in digital video cameras with night vision modes. This image sensor sends the signal to a screen. This screen presents you the picture you are looking at. So when you look through a digital night vision device, you are looking at the screen, not directly at the image. Digital night vision is simple and more affordable, thanks to the camera industry.

OK, enough chit-chat…For the Top 5 Affordable Digital Night Vision Optics…continue reading!


The $799 Yukon Sightline Digital Night Vision riflescope nabs the top spot on this list. Its features include an HD sensor 1280×720, magnification of 4-16x, Increased night sensitivity, Zoom Zeroing, Three individual rifle profiles, Night observation distance of 350 m—Simple control of one button-encoder and Universal tire for different types of brackets. With scalable ballistic sighting marks, high-precision aiming in the frame-in-frame mode and a quick-change battery pack included, this Yukon Sightline scope is a deal worth considering.

Sightmark’s Wraith 4-32×50 is a shockingly good value. For only $499, users get a 1920×1080 HD sensor with full-color clarity, day or night. The Wraith comes with a removable 850nm IR illuminator to provide an enhanced nighttime image and accurate target acquisition up to 200 yards. The Wraith features a built-in camera allowing users to record and share videos, 4.5-hours of battery life with 4 common AA batteries and an external MicroUSB port expands options for power. For its surprising power and relative value price, this Sightmark gem nabs this list’s #2 spot.

ATN is a close third on this list. For roughly $600, users get this digital day/night scope that also takes pictures and records video. Able to connect to Wi-Fi via a phone or tablet, the wireless connection also lets you use your device to enter data into the Profile Manager, set reticle color and pattern options, use the ballistic calculator, and save locations where you’ve spotted game with the GPS function. Get ready for an entirely new shooting experience with the ATN X-Sight II HD Day/Night 3-14x Riflescope.

Next on this list is the Night Owl Nightshot for $399.99. Made for hunting and shooting enthusiasts who wants to see in the dark at distances further than most digital night vision scopes priced anywhere near the NightShot, this is a great deal. The Night Owl Nightshot often beats scopes priced 3-times higher. If you are looking for an inexpensive, lightweight, polymer construction, easy-to-operate digital night scope, NightShot is for you. There is a flat spot on one of the cross-bolts. These can be reversed to work in different mounts particularly “weaver mounts” where the spacing between the slots varies.

For $559, you can get this Texas Precision Optics Sniper Day/Night Colorful Digital Night Vision Scope with video recording in 1080hp. It also features full color viewing for day use; black and white or classic green for night vision mode. 300m NIGHT VISION RANGE: The features multi-coated glass objectives and an infrared LED illuminator that allows you to see clearly in perfect darkness up to 980 ft / 300 m away. 3x digital zoom – a 4.5x optical system magnification 1080p HD Video Recording & Photos. Package includes: 1x IR Flashlight, 1x AV Video Cable,1x USB Cable,1X8GB TF card,1x Power Adapter, 1x Operating Instructions, 2 sets Batteries( 2 x 14500, 2 x 18650), 1x Charger, 1x Cleaning Cloths. For a less well-known company, this digital night vision scope is surprisingly powerful and affordable!

Overall, your purchase depends on your purpose. Are you hunting? Merely observing game animals? Shooting at long range or mid range? What type of animal, because you need to be certain that your optic can withstand your caliber’s recoil. Night vision is excellent—unless you’re also going to be active during the day…in that situation, a digital day/night scope would be best. Digital night vision optics don’t use image intensifier tubes like regular night vision—so there’s nothing to ‘burn out’, because it uses a digital signal, akin to a digital camera. Digital night vision is a much cheaper option for night vision use, and with that in mind, get clicking!

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