What is the Best BulletProof Vest?

Life in the United States is not getting any safer. There are more people, pollution, cars, germs and guns than ever. You can be partially protected from some of these things using common sense, healthy dietary practices, seatbelts and…bulletproof vests.

Many people think bulletproof vests are for ‘other’ professionals. And yes, law enforcement, first responders, military, private security, armored truck drivers, process servers, social workers, bank employees, convenience store clerks and Girls Scouts in the ghetto might be in greater danger of gunfire than your average accountant, but that doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t do everything possible to come back to their families safely each evening!

smart money

The majority of bulletproof vests on the market cost north of $1000. They are usually bulky, stiff and extremely hot to wear under clothes. Most vests won’t give you a ‘natural’ appearance and don’t provide adjustable straps. Some vests won’t accommodate ‘add-ons’ like additional ballistic panels, ballistic protection and groin protectors.

Here at BestinBunch, we’ve found a brand that seemingly does ALL these things at a VERY reasonable price-point…BulletSafe.

The cornerstone of BulletSafe appears to be their Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest. Level IIIA is ‘soft body armor’ that protects from all calibers of handgun up to .44 Magnum. It is also stab proof and slash-proof, so correctional officers might find these especially appealing.

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BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest

The company provides a ‘Size Chart’ to help customers easily figure out which size would fit best BUT that is not what convinced us here at BestinBunch. The most astounding thing about these vests is they are $299.

bulletproof vest

That’s it. $299 – no fuss, no muss and nothing more to say.

$299 is a remarkably affordable price for a Level IIIA bulletproof vest.

But wait…BulletSafe makes more than just the highest quality vests.

They have a HUGE variety of products. We’re talking bulletproof shields, bandanas, caps, crotch protectors, K9 vests and additional ballistic plates to upgrade your vest to a Level IV, which protects from the most common rifle calibers (AR-15s and AK-47s).

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The BreatheSafe Respirator / Gas Mask Kit

Impressive. Their Gas Mask Kit is particularly appealing. It has a large, optical-grade viewing port, a soft seal and dual filters to allow for longer, safer operation. With the P-A-1 filter system, the BulletSafe Gas Mask protects from tear gas, pepper spray, acetone, carbon sulfide and many of the most common dangerous gases.

gas mask

This nifty Gas Mask Kit costs a mere $149.97! That’s pretty affordable considering that we need air to live…constantly.

The world is getting ever-more dangerous. Recent years have seen military uprisings, riots and civil unrest like never before. To protect your well-being and vital areas—and those of your family—consider getting a bullet proof vest. And if you want the best value in the market today, BestinBunch suggests you visit www.BulletSafe.com