What is the Best Emergency Survival Kit?

Emergency Survival Kits are crucial.

At your home, work, school, car or backpack, an emergency kit can save your life during a disaster. First aid and medical supplies are always useful.

Caught in a hurricane? How about an earthquake? Is your car dead on the roadside?

Emergency preparedness tools never seem important—until you desperately need them. In the middle of winter, you may need to prepare food in the woods or get warm and build a fire. You may need to fish, treat a wound or signal rescue workers.

In the event of an emergency, family members may rely on you to provide food and water, a dry bag, aid kit, emergency preparedness kit, supplies kit or additional items. You don’t want to let them down!

Emergency situation | Taken during the Armed Forces Weekend … | Flickr

Emergency situations—even a roadside emergency—can happen at any time. When disaster strikes, any one of these kits is designed to sustain life for up to 72 hours. They even have uncommon items like sleeping bags and iodine tables, just in case you haven’t thought of them beforehand!

Whatever your survival situation, every responsible person should have emergency supplies, and here at BestInBunch, we’ve tested and analyzed each of these following emergency kits to determine which is the best for your unique situation.

It’s a built-in assumption that when an ‘emergency’ occurs, you aren’t prepared. That’s part of the definition of the word. And, while we can’t control all of life’s randomness and unpredictability, we can mitigate disastrous situations by being prepared to the best of our ability.

Of course, merely having the proper supplies on-hand does not mean you will handle the situation well. There are plenty of stories of people choking and someone attempting the Heimlich Maneuver…and failing, and the person choking to death. Or, there might be a fire raging inside a house, someone grabs a fire extinguisher and…fails to extinguish the fire.

Training and having the right people around you are also crucial to surviving any emergency situation. That means before you venture out into the wilderness—or wherever you’re going—you want to break open your emergency supply kit and familiarize yourself with its contents.

Take out the paracords, the survival knife, tinder capsule, or whatever it is, and make sure it works. Make sure YOU know how it works. Don’t just assume that when the time comes, you’ll know exactly what to do. Practice makes perfect.

169th Civil Engineer Squadron trains at Bellows Air Force … | Flickr

Again, life will happen. Anything that happens can’t be taken back. The past is already decided. But, you can prepare better for the future by acquiring one of these kits and preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

Don’t assume those terrible bear attacks and allergic reactions only happen to ‘other’ people. Those horrific things can and will happen to you, but you don’t have to be a victim. Make yourself formidable, knowledgeable and capable.

Now, let’s take a look at each of these survival kits and see what they contain.

Offering the basic tools needed to start a fire and fish for food, the 12 Survivors™ FNF (Fish and Fire)™ Emergency Kit is a must-have accessory to have handy when planning an outdoor excursion or on the go.

Small enough to throw in your purse, bugout bag or glove compartment, this pocket-sized emergency kit includes more than 30 feet of fishing line, two hooks, two floats, two swivels, two weights, an alcohol pad, a fire starter, knife blade, tin foil, tinder and seven feet of paracord. For its affordability, this 12Survivors product earns the #1 spot on this list!

This 18-in-1 Portable Emergency Outdoor Survival Kit is excellent because it contains everything you would need in a survival/ emergency situation. Each component is made from quality materials that will hold up and be ready for a survival or bug out situation.

The case with everything inside is lightweight and convenient to carry. Able to store and keep anywhere you need it, as well as being weatherproof to hold and protect the contents inside. Perfect for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, boating, running and readily available for emergency situations.

While it’s a little pricier than the other kits on this list, we believe the huge amount of goods stored within make this a great purchase!

No matter the scenario, keep you and your family safe with the tools in this emergency kit. Whether you are using it during hurricanes, earthquakes or just a standard hiking or camping trip, all of the items inside can be used in a variety of situations.

Items include: Survival Knife, Solar Blanket, Fire Starter, Paracord Bracelet, Flashlight, Emergency Whistle, Wire, Chainsaw, Tungsten Steel Tactical Pen, Compass, Tinder Capsule, LED Keychain Light, 11–in-1 Stainless Steel Tactical Card, S-Clip, Glass Breaker, Waterproof Case. For a fairly low price, this emergency kit is a great bargain!

This must-have survival gear kit includes a 16-piece emergency survival kit, 14-piece medical supplies, and 6-piece fishing tools to better suit your needs. The all in one survival kit includes tactical folding knife, wire saw, flashlight, tactical defense pen, fire starter, compass, emergency blanket, folding pliers, whistle, saber card, bottle clip, carabiner, 6-piece fishing tools and 14-in-1 medical kit.

#5 on this list goes to this exclusive, 250-piece First Aid Survival Kit. Contents include a Military Molle, EMT Pouch (uniquely customized by U.S military veterans); designed to get you well-prepared in an emergency situation.

The kit combines a 241-piece first aid Supply with 9 powerful survival items into a must-have EDC emergency kit. Other items include: 3-mode tactical flashlight, multi-function paracord bracelet (compass, whistle), flint stone, knife, saber card, two glow sticks and rain poncho.

For a comprehensive kit at a reasonable price, go purchase this emergency kit!

As a former Navy Corpsman, I can attest that emergency kits like the ones above are critical items. Similar to fire insurance, you hope that you don’t need it, but when the time comes, you’ll be glad of your own foresight.

Life, accidents and disasters happen in the blink of an eye, and there’s no way to be prepared for every possible contingency. However, by purchasing one of the above kits, you can set your mind at ease the next time you go hiking, camping, hunting or…anywhere.

Consider you and your family’s well-being by preparing for life’s little surprises—by purchasing one of the above emergency preparedness kits!